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  • Masonic Square and Compass ENGRAVED with DETAILS! The bold center features the Masonic Square and Compass Emblem. The details around the bracelet are incredible. The number of masonic symbols within the bracelet standout. For example the pillars and flooring

  • PURE COPPER helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel. Please note that this bangle is not suitable for those with a pacemaker.

  • ADJUSTABLE - The copper bracelet is 18mm wide. The copper bracelet can be moved to fit any wrist.

  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED in a quality MasonicMan Velvet bag. This provides a great place to keep this lovely jewellery safe or make it a fantasic gift to give!

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! MasonicMan is incredibly proud to sell you this great piece of jewelry. Please read our feedback from our 1000s of customers

  • MasonicMan Masonic Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Bangle with Freemasonry Details